Searching for Sunday

Vorige week las ik Searching for Sunday, een zoektocht van een jonge vrouw om haar geloof terug te vinden. Een deel van haar verhaal was herkenbaar, een deel ook helemaal niet, maar één quote vond ik zo ontzettend raak dat ik ‘m graag met jullie wil delen:

“I told them we’re tired of the culture wars, tired of Christianity getting entangled with party politics and power. Millennials want to be known by what we’re for, I said, not just what we’re against. We don’t want to choose between science and religion or between our intellectual integrity and our faith. Instead, we long for our churches to be safe places to doubt, to ask questions, and to tell the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. We want to talk about the tough stuff-biblical interpretation, religious pluralism, sexuality, racial reconciliation, and social justice-but without predetermined conclusions or simplistic answers. We want to bring our whole selves through the church doors, without leaving our hearts and minds behind, without wearing a mask.”

― Rachel Held Evans, Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church

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